Samples 2 returned


Good feedback – double trebles, treble trebles and quadruple trebles were very good but the foundation chain is sometimes uneven and a bit tight – maybe try on a hook a half size bigger?

Double crochet rib was excellent, which I was pleased about because it did look very good. So good that I’ve added another photo

I have to resubmit my textured sample as it included a few different patterns when it should have been one heavily textured piece.  I’m now following a pattern from Turner (2001), with a bulky yarn and 7mm hook.

I’m getting excited about experimenting with filet crochet as I can design my own patterns with charts; and Yuki is bringing me a book from Japan so I can learn to follow their charts.

Work is very busy but I’m hoping to start on two caterpillar hats for Dotty and Ditty soon.


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