What I’m learning about shawls . . .

. . . and scarves

  • A shawl needs to be big
  • They can be triangle, oblong or asymmetrical
  • Striped yarn, such as Scheepjes Wanderlust is beautiful and adds interest but it removes the creativity of choosing a colour scheme
  • Whatever the pattern it can get a bit boring.
  • Using a slightly bigger hook, e.g. 6mm with wanderlust makes for great drape
  • Triangular shawls can be started at the pointy end, the long side, the middle of the long side OR ANYWHERE ELSE.
  • Patterns can change dramatically mid-shawl e.g. filet to puff stitch. History of Trees Shawl

My next shawl will be:

  • Adapted from my Japanese shawl book
  • A colour scheme chosen by me
  • A combination of different pattern designs from book in order to experiment and to avoid boredom.
  • A good size



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