Christmas presents


Helen’s mobius – this is the one I’m most pleased with. It’s Aran weight pure wool and a 6mm hook. I made a foundation htrc, and went into the stitch on both sides rather than the chain so I avoided the hole down the centre line. I also changed direction after each row, rather than spiralling. I might try staggering the starting point after each colour change for an even smoother join next time. The first row is trc, then a crossed trc for a bit of texture; then 2 htrc into alternate stitches for the coloured section; then back to trc, then dc and crab stitch to finish. I steamed it to neaten. I love it and hope Helen does too.

Ian’s mobius – this was inspired by my red shawl that Ian admired a lot a couple of years ago. I’m very pleased with the result but a bit apprehensive about what Ian will make of it.


It’s chunky weight, 8mm hook, with Catherine wheel pattern in the centre and some mix of colours (red, orange, green). I blocked and stretched it but am still worried that it’s a bit short.

Hilary’s necklace

This was a last minute decision. I was inspired by a dress Hilary has, which has stripes which I think are these colours or similar. Hilary is not an ‘out-there’ person but I think she likes a bit of colour. I love it and hope she does too. The navy is 4ply cotton but the other colours are a bamboo mix-a bit softer and shinier. I did an additional row of DC around the central ring and added beads either side.





A necklace for me. I made this yesterday as a last minute attempt to xmatise my outfit for Anne’s party. It’s 4-ply black cotton and a 3mm hook. I threaded the beads onto a double strand and made 25 chain before adding beads. There are 2 ch between each bead. I really like it and will wear it over Christmas but I may dismantle it afterwards and reuse the beads.


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