Nettle necklace


I got some wonderful nettle yarn from yarnyarn, who sell really exciting yarns that are ethically and environmentally produced, something I want to focus on a lot more. I wanted to make something that showed the lovely texture of the yarn so decided on this chain necklace. I made a very long chain on a generous-sized hook and folded it over to give 8 strands to the necklace. Then I bound black yarn around the chain at intervals to add some interest, and a chunky clasp that can be worn either decoratively at the front, or hidden away behind the neck. I am very pleased with the result. A statement necklace that has already drawn compliments.

 20190401_113823-1    20190401_113815-2


2 thoughts on “Nettle necklace

  1. I’ve never worked with nettle yarn. I have become interested in ethically and environmentally produced yarn too, and have been moving away from acrylics. Was the nettle easy to work with? I tried linen yarn once and found that quite hard going, from what I remember, but soy was easier..


    1. Yes, it was ok. A bit like thick string. I used quite a big hook as it’s a bit scratchy. One if the best yarns uve found us bamboo, very soft, although it’s sometimes mixed with acrylic. I haven’t tried linen yet.


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