My Workroom

A.k.a. the spare bedroom. I have finally got a space to work and keep track of my crochet projects and other work. It’s only a table, pinboard and lamp but I’ve also organised the storage space so I know where things are and can spread myself out a bit, at least when we haven’t got guests. Loving it!!!

Samples 5 returned

This was marked ‘good’. It has slowly dawned on me that there is no requirement for a piece of filet to have the same number of blocks in each direction. So, the easy way to make it square is to add extra rows. Also, there was no requirement for a border for this piece, which would have made it more even. One source I read said that although filet diagrams are square the piece will usually be elongated horizontally. All very enlightening.

Pauline advised that none of my adaptations to make the work square are acceptable because part 1 of the diploma is about mastering basic techniques, whereas the next parts will focus on experimenting and exploring.  All very reasonable.

My resubmitted buttons were both ‘excellent’.

DipCro TT

I’m making a plan.  I have to submit 35 samples and 4 projects as well as a report for Part 1.  I also want to make a two-coloured Tunisian blanket for Ditty and a rainbow cushion cover. So my first samples will be the Tunisian crochet ones (24 and 25) plus 3 more, maybe including something entirely new.  Then I’ll do my blanket (not for submission). I aim to start my first project in three months (i.e. mid September) and subsequent ones at three monthly intervals (i.e. December, March, June) so with an aim of completing Part 1 by autumn 2019. I’m also on the lookout for a great crochet journal (or two?) and ways of keeping a portfolio once samples have been accepted.

Perfect Circle 1

While waiting to start the International Diploma in Crochet with Pauline Turner I’m on a mission to create the perfect circle.

Here are my circles so far. There are options: spiral or round; to turn or not to turn; slip stitch or needle join; staggering increases; vary the starting point. So far I’ve discovered spirals are not good unless particularly called for and a needle join is preferable, if you can be arsed. Without this you can’t vary the starting point. But, whatever you do, STAGGER THE INCREASES.

Oh yes, and increase evenly by the number of stitches in round 1 on each round.

As you can see my photo skills also need improving.