Norfolk and Norwich Makers Festival

I signed up for a couple of workshops and discovered felting isn’t for me. I had a great chat with a spinner who almost convinced me to take up spinning but I have enough to do at the moment. One to keep in mind for the future.

And I saw Margaret’s yarn Great Yarmouth.



What an inspiration!




There were also some lovely crocheted blankets,

a whole knitted and crocheted room,

and this amazing weaving.


Ditty’s Blanket 2

Complete change of plan! I’ve realised I have two major dislikes: making and crocheting into a long chain; and large-scale Tunisian projects. I like the effect but don’t like having all those stitches on my hook. And I can’t stand all the counting.

So . . . I’m now doing my first corner to corner blanket. And I’m loving it! No starter chain. It grows quickly. And I prefer the feel to the stitch I was attempting before. think I’m a convert!

Here’s the pattern.

Ditty’s Blanket 1

After a lot of trial and error and false starts I’m finally on my way with Ditty’s blanket. The pattern is not that easy to follow and the illustrations are misleading but I’ve finally got the hang of it. I’m not overkeen on the yarn (100% acrylic); and I now remember that I hate projects with a long chain to start off with (150); and I’m not in love with the process of Tunisian crochet (though I like the product). But apart from that it should be fine.

I started with 6mm hook for the chain and went into the top loop rather than the importance on the back as instructed. It seems to be fine.


Crochet Masterclass p 98