Project 4 returned

My bag was judged to be very good and I got some very useful feedback, which I have now acted upon. The original handles were a bit flimsy and it was suggested that I put in extra rows of dc above and below the handle to strengthen it. I decided to return to the yarn used for the Tunisian and to do a couple of rows of Tunisian as this fabric was much stiffer and stronger. Dc rows were added as well. The result, above, is more functional and, I think, more attractive.

Project 4 Bag

I’m so pleased. I made this . . . 20190322_113052-1

into this . .


This was my final project that had to include Tunisian and broomstick crochet so I designed this myself. The yarn from Wool and the Gang was great and I think it’s somewhat sustainable. I’ll be looking at it again and I’ve got more ideas for using the raffia and the broomstick. I found the Tunisian hard work, especially with a 4mm hook but am quite taken with the Broomstick. The raffia holds its shape so you can take all the loops off together, instead of trying to prise them off in groups, which can be a pain. All the details are here.



Necklace experiments

Success . . 

20190322_112657This is so simple, but so nice. It’s made of DK man-made fibre, which is a bit shiny.  I crocheted 4 long chains using a 3mm (I think!) hook and then braided them together. I made it to match a new dress I bought. It doesn’t really look crocheted and it’s perfect with my dress. I need to do some calculations for how much yarn I need for a length of braid to avoid wastage.  I was so chuffed with this necklace that I made this . . .



Flop . . .

20190322_112742The idea was to make a necklace for Sarah’s birthday. She loves orange and I wanted to see what happened when I used two colours. This is man-made DK but without the sheen. The green was on the outside of the four strands and the orange in the middle.  This created two vertical stripes down the length of the braid. The result is like a wooly, garish snake – more suitable as a child’s toy than a grown woman’s necklace. You live and learn!

Anni Albers


Sean and I went to the Anni Albers exhibition at the Tate Modern at the weekend.  It was beautiful and very inspirational. Some of my ideas:

  • try making woven crochet pendants for necklaces, maybe with wire
  • plan colour
  • explore ways of reproducing woven effect/blocks of colour in crochet
  • use the netting veg bags I have been saving
  • try a close colour palette, without complements
  • possible sustainable fibres: bamboo, linen, rayon, swaledale wool, jute, hemp
  • explore trailing stitches and slip stitches to make fabric
  • make a monochrome wall hanging with tiny splashes of colour, maybe in Tunisian – use to make cards
  • use knots in jewellery
  • make a geometric pendant on a knotted chain
  • pursue kumihimo
  • try hairpin lace with an intricate pattern down the middle


Hannah’s Bag


Hannah requested this bag for her birthday and it is based on a pattern in Modern Crochet by Molla Mills. I used a 4-ply cotton with a 1.5mm hook to make a really stiff fabric.  It was rather boring to do but the dc fabric is great and would work really well with tapestry crochet. I put in a 9 inch zip, a row of turquoise beads on the outer edge and a silk lining.  All the sewing was a labour of love but it turned out well. The handle is a simple braid of trc with nylon cord and there is a popper to hold the top half in place.

Samples 5 returned

This was marked ‘good’. It has slowly dawned on me that there is no requirement for a piece of filet to have the same number of blocks in each direction. So, the easy way to make it square is to add extra rows. Also, there was no requirement for a border for this piece, which would have made it more even. One source I read said that although filet diagrams are square the piece will usually be elongated horizontally. All very enlightening.

Pauline advised that none of my adaptations to make the work square are acceptable because part 1 of the diploma is about mastering basic techniques, whereas the next parts will focus on experimenting and exploring.  All very reasonable.

My resubmitted buttons were both ‘excellent’.