Archive 1 Jumpers

I have made many items that I have given away either as gifts or to charity shops. This is an archive of all the items I crocheted before starting the Diploma that I still have in my house.

Aran jumper, brown, now used for decorating.
Aran jumper, natural wool. Very heavy. May unravel and reuse wool.




Necklace experiments

Success . . 

20190322_112657This is so simple, but so nice. It’s made of DK man-made fibre, which is a bit shiny.  I crocheted 4 long chains using a 3mm (I think!) hook and then braided them together. I made it to match a new dress I bought. It doesn’t really look crocheted and it’s perfect with my dress. I need to do some calculations for how much yarn I need for a length of braid to avoid wastage.  I was so chuffed with this necklace that I made this . . .



Flop . . .

20190322_112742The idea was to make a necklace for Sarah’s birthday. She loves orange and I wanted to see what happened when I used two colours. This is man-made DK but without the sheen. The green was on the outside of the four strands and the orange in the middle.  This created two vertical stripes down the length of the braid. The result is like a wooly, garish snake – more suitable as a child’s toy than a grown woman’s necklace. You live and learn!

Maestrale Shawl


I made this shawl from a pattern on ravelry, Maestrale shawl. And I love it! I used a Jaeger 4-ply wool yarn that I bought in the sales years ago.  It worked well but the finished shawl is much smaller than indicated in the pattern, which is fine. I was running out of wool so I put the stripes in but I think they work well.  I used a 3.5mm hook. I’ve been making this on and off since Xmas as I started it as something to do on the train to Scotland but, although it’s taken a long while, I wouldn’t mind doing another one as the pattern has enough going on to not get bored and the finished product is so nice.  I might be keeping this one for myself!

Samples 8 Tunisian

I’d completely forgotten about this piece. I think I may have misunderstood the brief, which says ‘Include Tunisian textured stitches within a square of Tunisian crochet.’ I have done t20190314_111949his very literally but maybe it means ‘a square of textured Tunisian’. I don’t mind if I have to do it again as I love the effect of Tunisian and am happy doing it on a small hook but I can’t find a way to do it comfortably on a long hook.