Necklace experiments

Success . . 

20190322_112657This is so simple, but so nice. It’s made of DK man-made fibre, which is a bit shiny.  I crocheted 4 long chains using a 3mm (I think!) hook and then braided them together. I made it to match a new dress I bought. It doesn’t really look crocheted and it’s perfect with my dress. I need to do some calculations for how much yarn I need for a length of braid to avoid wastage.  I was so chuffed with this necklace that I made this . . .



Flop . . .

20190322_112742The idea was to make a necklace for Sarah’s birthday. She loves orange and I wanted to see what happened when I used two colours. This is man-made DK but without the sheen. The green was on the outside of the four strands and the orange in the middle.  This created two vertical stripes down the length of the braid. The result is like a wooly, garish snake – more suitable as a child’s toy than a grown woman’s necklace. You live and learn!


Christmas presents


Helen’s mobius – this is the one I’m most pleased with. It’s Aran weight pure wool and a 6mm hook. I made a foundation htrc, and went into the stitch on both sides rather than the chain so I avoided the hole down the centre line. I also changed direction after each row, rather than spiralling. I might try staggering the starting point after each colour change for an even smoother join next time. The first row is trc, then a crossed trc for a bit of texture; then 2 htrc into alternate stitches for the coloured section; then back to trc, then dc and crab stitch to finish. I steamed it to neaten. I love it and hope Helen does too.

Ian’s mobius – this was inspired by my red shawl that Ian admired a lot a couple of years ago. I’m very pleased with the result but a bit apprehensive about what Ian will make of it.


It’s chunky weight, 8mm hook, with Catherine wheel pattern in the centre and some mix of colours (red, orange, green). I blocked and stretched it but am still worried that it’s a bit short.

Hilary’s necklace

This was a last minute decision. I was inspired by a dress Hilary has, which has stripes which I think are these colours or similar. Hilary is not an ‘out-there’ person but I think she likes a bit of colour. I love it and hope she does too. The navy is 4ply cotton but the other colours are a bamboo mix-a bit softer and shinier. I did an additional row of DC around the central ring and added beads either side.





A necklace for me. I made this yesterday as a last minute attempt to xmatise my outfit for Anne’s party. It’s 4-ply black cotton and a 3mm hook. I threaded the beads onto a double strand and made 25 chain before adding beads. There are 2 ch between each bead. I really like it and will wear it over Christmas but I may dismantle it afterwards and reuse the beads.

Enda’s necklace

I made this necklace for Enda’s 60th birthday. Once again, the picture doesn’t do justice to the colour of the beads (which are turquoise). Three strands of 28 gauge wire, approximately 45 beads, positioned every four chain, with a 4mm hook.

. . . and a couple for me

These are made with DK and 4-ply cotton, double-crocheted onto keyring rings, using a 2mm hook. For the first one I interlocked the rings before starting and worked each ring separately. For the second one I crocheted along one half of each ring, joining them with a beaded chain. Then I crocheted back along the other half, slip stitching into the back of each bead. I need some stronger jump rings and clasps.

The blue/green necklace received great compliments from a couple of colleagues. Very encouraging!