Samples 9 returned


I finally got an Excellent for my filet. So pleased! And my shaped piece got a Very Good. This was because the corners were rounded as I’d only put 2 dc in each one.  I should have put in 3. I had been a little unsure about this and had gone for consistency, so it’s good to know.

Project 3 Vintage blouse


This filet blouse is made in no 5 mercerised cotton on a 1.50 mm hook, although I did move to a 1.25 for some of the edging. The gauge was correct for the stitches but a bit long for the rows so I reduced the number of rows. I also crocheted the collar (which I made a bit smaller than the pattern) onto the blouse, rather than sewing it on later. The only sewing was the shoulder seams.  The pattern came from this book that I found in a charity shop.20190304_153619

I had been wanting to make it for a while and I love the colour I eventually chose. It was very time consuming to make but good to follow a detailed filet pattern.  The recommended filet was 1ch and 1tr to make each space rather than the more usual 2 ch.  This worked well.

The finished garment was a bit looser than I would have liked, although it was the size indicated in the pattern. I think this was because the book was published in the eighties and the style was looser-fitting.  This also explains the large collar. I made buttons to finish it, incorporating some gold thread to make them sparkly and a bit stiffer.  They worked well.