Project 4 returned

My bag was judged to be very good and I got some very useful feedback, which I have now acted upon. The original handles were a bit flimsy and it was suggested that I put in extra rows of dc above and below the handle to strengthen it. I decided to return to the yarn used for the Tunisian and to do a couple of rows of Tunisian as this fabric was much stiffer and stronger. Dc rows were added as well. The result, above, is more functional and, I think, more attractive.


Project 4 Bag

I’m so pleased. I made this . . . 20190322_113052-1

into this . .


This was my final project that had to include Tunisian and broomstick crochet so I designed this myself. The yarn from Wool and the Gang was great and I think it’s somewhat sustainable. I’ll be looking at it again and I’ve got more ideas for using the raffia and the broomstick. I found the Tunisian hard work, especially with a 4mm hook but am quite taken with the Broomstick. The raffia holds its shape so you can take all the loops off together, instead of trying to prise them off in groups, which can be a pain. All the details are here.



Project 3 feedback


I can’t believe this got an ‘Excellent’! I suppose when you’ve made something yourself you’re aware of all the flaws that others don’t notice. Very pleased, anyway.  I now just have a few samples and my final project (a bag) to finish.  I’m very pleased to have found one or two other bloggers doing the Diploma and encouraged to find that we seem to have similar issues, particularly in relation to filet.

I also meant to note that making this blouse made me very aware of the amount of time that goes into crochet. If I wanted to make any money out of this I would have to charge more than £500 for a garment like this to cover the time!! Something to bear in mind when looking at crocheted items in the shops. Spare a thought for the maker.

Project 3 Vintage blouse


This filet blouse is made in no 5 mercerised cotton on a 1.50 mm hook, although I did move to a 1.25 for some of the edging. The gauge was correct for the stitches but a bit long for the rows so I reduced the number of rows. I also crocheted the collar (which I made a bit smaller than the pattern) onto the blouse, rather than sewing it on later. The only sewing was the shoulder seams.  The pattern came from this book that I found in a charity shop.20190304_153619

I had been wanting to make it for a while and I love the colour I eventually chose. It was very time consuming to make but good to follow a detailed filet pattern.  The recommended filet was 1ch and 1tr to make each space rather than the more usual 2 ch.  This worked well.

The finished garment was a bit looser than I would have liked, although it was the size indicated in the pattern. I think this was because the book was published in the eighties and the style was looser-fitting.  This also explains the large collar. I made buttons to finish it, incorporating some gold thread to make them sparkly and a bit stiffer.  They worked well.






Samples 6


I am sending samples numbered 13, 16, 17, 19 and 20. These are various textures and patterns and I think they are all OK.  The one I am most concerned about is the one with texture created from different height of stitches.  I’m not sure it’s textured enough.  The other thing I should be careful of is the straightness (or otherwise) of my edges.

I am also sending my next project, which is a cardigan made from a pattern. The information sheet is here.


Annette has emailed about my last filet piece, which has passed so I will get started on my next project, a filet blouse, after lots of tension squares.


Samples 4 returned



The great news is my project got an ‘Excellent’! Along with some very encouraging comments and advice.  So pleased!!!




My filet passed and I was sent some further tips so I will send my second filet sample before Christmas and embark on my filet blouse after Christmas.

Everything else passed but I need to make sure my foundation chain is consistent with the rest of the work and keep in mind changing hook size to ensure this is the case.  I have to resubmit couple of buttons, which I’m not surprise about.  I will give some thought to this and try to make some really good ones – not my forte as I’m not good at fiddly things.

The braids were all marked ‘Excellent’, which was great as I enjoyed doing them and they may contribute to my interest in jewellery and beading.