Samples 8 Tunisian

I’d completely forgotten about this piece. I think I may have misunderstood the brief, which says ‘Include Tunisian textured stitches within a square of Tunisian crochet.’ I have done t20190314_111949his very literally but maybe it means ‘a square of textured Tunisian’. I don’t mind if I have to do it again as I love the effect of Tunisian and am happy doing it on a small hook but I can’t find a way to do it comfortably on a long hook.

Samples 8

Broomstick and edgings.  I liked doing all of these but I’m a bit concerned as to whether I should have done more rows of trc between my broomstick rows. I just have the shaped piece and my filet edging to do (for which I am waiting for Pauline Turner’s Crochet Lace from the library.)

Samples 7 – Hairpin

This looks a bit of a mess but it is, in fact, my next batch of samples; my hairpin crochet braids.  I really found this difficult to do as I am very cack-handed with the hairpin loom and didn’t get much pleasure from it.  But I persevered and am reasonably pleased with the results, though I don’t know if I’ll be doing it again. The next project is now started and I’m being ultra-careful to make sure I don’t make any mistakes from the outset.