Samples 9 returned


I finally got an Excellent for my filet. So pleased! And my shaped piece got a Very Good. This was because the corners were rounded as I’d only put 2 dc in each one.  I should have put in 3. I had been a little unsure about this and had gone for consistency, so it’s good to know.

Samples 8 returned


20190314_111949As suspected I had got the wrong end of the stick on this one. I was meant to produce a square of Tunisian textured stitch, not textured stitches in a square. But it got a ‘Good’ anyway so not disappointed. My broomsticks got Very Good because my choice of yarn meant it split. Fair point. My edgings were excellent except the picot, as the tension of my foundation chain let me down again. It was Fine. When will I learn?

Samples 8 Tunisian

I’d completely forgotten about this piece. I think I may have misunderstood the brief, which says ‘Include Tunisian textured stitches within a square of Tunisian crochet.’ I have done t20190314_111949his very literally but maybe it means ‘a square of textured Tunisian’. I don’t mind if I have to do it again as I love the effect of Tunisian and am happy doing it on a small hook but I can’t find a way to do it comfortably on a long hook.

Samples 5 returned

This was marked ‘good’. It has slowly dawned on me that there is no requirement for a piece of filet to have the same number of blocks in each direction. So, the easy way to make it square is to add extra rows. Also, there was no requirement for a border for this piece, which would have made it more even. One source I read said that although filet diagrams are square the piece will usually be elongated horizontally. All very enlightening.

Pauline advised that none of my adaptations to make the work square are acceptable because part 1 of the diploma is about mastering basic techniques, whereas the next parts will focus on experimenting and exploring.  All very reasonable.

My resubmitted buttons were both ‘excellent’.

Samples 6


I am sending samples numbered 13, 16, 17, 19 and 20. These are various textures and patterns and I think they are all OK.  The one I am most concerned about is the one with texture created from different height of stitches.  I’m not sure it’s textured enough.  The other thing I should be careful of is the straightness (or otherwise) of my edges.

I am also sending my next project, which is a cardigan made from a pattern. The information sheet is here.


Annette has emailed about my last filet piece, which has passed so I will get started on my next project, a filet blouse, after lots of tension squares.


Samples 4 returned



The great news is my project got an ‘Excellent’! Along with some very encouraging comments and advice.  So pleased!!!




My filet passed and I was sent some further tips so I will send my second filet sample before Christmas and embark on my filet blouse after Christmas.

Everything else passed but I need to make sure my foundation chain is consistent with the rest of the work and keep in mind changing hook size to ensure this is the case.  I have to resubmit couple of buttons, which I’m not surprise about.  I will give some thought to this and try to make some really good ones – not my forte as I’m not good at fiddly things.

The braids were all marked ‘Excellent’, which was great as I enjoyed doing them and they may contribute to my interest in jewellery and beading.